Ashleigh "Tommy" Crosby

Hacker, cyclist, wanderer, wonderer.

Tech I've done amazing things with

Places I've done it


I'm an avid coder but also an explorer at heart. Though I'm probably never happier than when I'm completely lost and relying on my navigational senses, I love spacial data, mapping, and using it to my advantage to find new places to wander. I know the shortcuts, footpaths, woodlands, hidden meadows of my surrounding area, I've cycled all over the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales without any particular direction in mind, and walked the length of the South Downs.

When I'm not out on my bike or solving problems that I didn't know I had, I can be found listening to (and occasionally making) an eclectic range of music, watching films that make you scratch your head, sketching the world around me, playing obscure board games, and building my engagement in local activism.